What gets measured gets improved.
— Peter F. Drucker

A floor plan benchmark deep dives into the hidden nature of an office environment independent of its visual design. The analysis provides key performance indicators that help define success criteria for the operational and cultural objectives of any type of tech startup at virtually any scale.

For a limited time only new customers can get a floor plan benchmark at no cost! Just fill out the attached registration form to get started.

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Data Driven Workplace Strategy

  • Define business culture

  • Reduce dependence on judgement calls

  • Align stakeholder interests

  • Provide key insights into design objectives

  • Ensure Peak Performance and ReduceD Cost

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  1. This free offer is only available to new Customers, only one offer per Customer.

  2. Floor plans should represent useable area only or clearly define the area of interest. The useable area must not exceed 12,000 sf.

  3. By accepting this offer Customers consent to a free consultation with an Aenvision representative about the benchmark results.

  4. Aenvision agrees to treat Customer information as confidential and to take all reasonable precautions against disclosure of such information to unauthorized third parties.

  5. Aenvision reserves the right to utilize non-identifying Customer information for the purposes of improvement of product(s) and service(s). We respect your privacy.

  6. Please allow five working days for delivery.