What Should A Workspace Say About A Business?

Create high-performance workspaces to satisfy all businesses in any office type AT ANY SCALE


Custom office programs typically begin with functional profiles (office types) extracted from floor plan benchmarks, workplace experience surveys and industry common practice. The profile serves as a guide for creating comprehensive workspace programming that precisely satisfies real-world requirements. The closer this profile approaches the cultural and operational targets of the business the more effective the workspace becomes.

Custom programs and analytics are concise and actionable requirements documentation. The interactive process to create custom programs encourages creative “what if” questioning in order to explore practical office space programming alternatives as a result of insights gained from measured data. Using Aenvision custom programs for high-performance workspace development minimizes risk, improves quality and reduces costs.


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  1. Custom programs typically represent useable area only. Rentable area and workspace allocation assessments are included options.

  2. Floor plan benchmarks and workplace experience surveys are required to guarantee high-performance custom programming for workspace renovations.

  3. The pricing for custom programs depends on total useable area and is discounted in service stacks.

  4. Purchasing custom programs qualifies customers for a personal consultation to fulfill the custom programming process.

  5. Please allow 3 working days following consultation for delivery.

  6. Satisfaction guaranteed.