Oscar is the free smart office space calculator that estimates area and occupancy requirements from best-practice performance characteristics in working environments for small and medium sized businesses. Oscar is part of a suite of intelligent tools developed to fundamentally improve a company's ability to produce and reproduce effective office space quantitatively.

Most office workers have felt the frustration of struggling to remain productive in office environments they believe were not designed to support their company’s business or their own job function (Gensler 2005 UK Workplace Survey). Working with brokers, tenants, architects, property managers, and building owners Aenvision has created Oscar as a first step to minimizing or eliminating this risk.

Oscar is intended to help businesses identify cultural models that represent practical examples of effective working environments at the heart of their industry. For example, a corporate law firm with an emphasis on privacy and confidentiality can reasonably assume that its workplace performance requirements and area estimates will not be the same as requirements and estimates for internet marketing companies oriented more towards collaborative open-plan office architectures. Unless of course the law firm is restricted by a fixed area resource and needs to consider a more space-efficient profile instead.

In fact, evaluating alternative profiles to satisfy very specific area requirements is a powerful usage model for this technology. In the case of the law firm looking to expand within a fixed footprint, the goal of strategic profile selection is to facilitate densification while preserving the environmental and privacy advantages of a more conventional legal office type.

It's no secret that a effective workplace improves the health and productivity of its occupants. Business type, strategic business objectives, and return-on-investment have long been known to correlate directly with workplace performance. Unfortunately, the complexity of developing effective working environments along with time pressures often overwhelm business owners, executives and even architects, which compromise project outcomes.

Aenvision tools help guarantee ideal working environments by keeping owner and staff interests aligned throughout the workplace development cycle. The capacity for this kind of analysis comes directly from intelligence gained from over 3 million square feet of office programming in the Aenvision repository. Using Oscar to help select the right cultural model and calculate practical area and occupancy estimates is the first step to developing cost-effective, high-performance office space.

Oscar Interface Example

Oscar Interface Example