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Promote Transparency

How do you end speculation surrounding the development of high-performance office space? Use quantitative visual proof to reassure clients of workspace productivity long before floor planning begins.


Save Time

How do you relieve architects and design teams from frustration by incomplete and unreliable client requirements? Don't underestimate the importance of the workspace programming process. 


Build Trust

Unlike CAD tools, Aenvision services and technologies build trust cooperatively letting workplace strategists accurately define and optimize client needs throughout the office space life cycle.


“There is real value here. The software indicated what we did right and what could be done better.”

Jeff Leventhal  |  workmarket Co-Founder




80 - 90% of the total cost of ownership for a new office project is established during architectural programming. Opportunities for workspace optimization diminish dramatically as projects advance.


The deeper projects go into development the more expensive and even cost prohibitive changes become.




Clients understand the office environment is a key factor when recruiting top talent. But not so obvious is why even the least productive workspace still comes from beautifully drawn floor plans.


Ineffective office space adds lost productivity, staff retention problems and added construction costs to unfulfilled business goals.




Aenvision technologies bring you deep insights into the DNA of an office environment. Review, analyze, and react to the needs of your client’s office culture in unique and compelling ways. Make ideal office space programming decisions early, with confidence and at massive scale as a result of insights gained from measured data.


Minimize risk, improve quality and reduce costs for all office projects long before clients see detailed floor plans. 




Don't wait until after the staff moves in to know if you've created a high-performance workplace or not. Use space planning intelligence to guarantee design goals can be achieved without the uncertainty you've come to expect in the past.


Plan For Success!


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Whether you're an expert or a novice, discover how intuitive analytical software guarantees workplace productivity long before architectural planning begins.

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