What Does The Workforce Say About A Business?

Discover from coworkers the ideal DNA for office floor plans


The cost of real estate is second or third only to payroll costs as the leading overhead expense for a business. And the best way to guarantee an ideal return on investment for such a strategic asset is to create am effective workplace.

Your workplace can be considered effective if it positively influences staff engagement, promotes well-being, and encourages the successful accomplishment of essential job functions. One of the easiest ways to find out how close an office environment comes to doing this is to simply ask the people who work there.

A workplace experience survey reveals staff impressions of an existing office environment that has previously been analyzed by floor plan benchmarking. These results help redefine the goals for the development of optimized office programming.


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  1. Responses to workplace experience surveys can be categorized by business departments and/or office subcultures.

  2. Workplace experience survey pricing depends on the size of the useable area and is discounted in service stacks.

  3. Purchasing workplace experience surveys qualifies customers for a personal phone consultation to review categories and to confirm the survey completion date.

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