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Inside Out

It's about Who we are as individuals and what kinds of workspaces we need to come together as successful businesses

Aenvision is principally concerned with the impact a workplace can have on the financial health of an enterprise. Underlying this concern are the affects that specific environments have on employees both individually and collectively who spend 40% or more of each business day working together within that space (The "40-Hour" Workweek Is Actually Longer -- by Seven Hours).

The interests of owners and staff are actually well aligned when it comes to expectations for working environments because in order to sustain growth, businesses and their employees both need to remain highly productive. Investments in workspaces are made only so that the workforce will be able to faithfully implement the company's business strategy successfully. This means that the perfect workspace will benefit employees and shareholders alike since only spaces optimized for very high levels of employee performance can maximize returns on investment for the enterprise.

The inverse is also true. Like the sign in the dentist office says, "Your teeth are like your friends, ignore them and they'll go away." Not only are valuable jobs and corporate revenues at stake. The financial, physical, and mental health of all parties involved hang in the balance.

Aenvision’s primary goal is to ensure that occupancy planners avoid the pitfalls that most enterprise and medium sized businesses struggle with when making decisions about creating effective office space. If we believe as Winston Churchill did that, “We shape our buildings, and afterward our buildings shape us," then Aenvision’s mission is really all about who we are as individuals and what kinds of workspaces we'll require to effectively come together as successful businesses. This blog will present some of the challenges and rewards we've encountered along the way to realizing this goal.